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Think you know everything about vaping and e-cigs?

Uncover the Truth

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The FDA has not approved e-cigarettes as a quitting aid.

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Vaping is not just inhaling water vapor.

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Vaping can weaken your immune system.

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Vaping is the same thing as JUULing.

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Almost all of e-cigarette products contain nicotine.

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Totally vaporized.

Eeek. You’re going to need some more information on vaping and e-cigs so that you don’t get sucked in. From untested chemicals, to unknown health effects – vaping is not a risk worth taking. Vaping sucks. Uncover the truth.

Clouded judgement.

OK, so… you need some more information on vaping so that you don’t get sucked in. We’ve got you covered! Vaping can cause serious health effects, including increasing your chance of heart disease and impacting your brain development. It’s not worth it. Vaping sucks. Uncover the truth.

Blurred vision.

You’re starting to catch on: it’s not just vapor. Nicotine is a very addictive chemical and vaping can have unknown effects on your long-term health. Vaping sucks. Don’t get sucked in. Uncover the truth.

Getting clearer.

You’re almost there, but don’t take any chances on getting sucked in. It’s not just flavors and it’s not just vapor – e-cigs and vapes contain harmful nicotine and untested liquids that can cause serious health effects. Vaping sucks. Uncover the truth.

Truth seeker.

Being a part of an experiment is not a part of your plan. You realize that vaping and e-cigs are not harmless and that addictive chemicals like nicotine have no place in your life. Vaping sucks. Don’t get sucked in. Continue to uncover the truth.

Winner, winner.

You get it. Vaping sucks. Not only is it harmful to your health, but the long-term health effects for those who vape is still completely unknown. You refuse to be part of an experiment. Congrats on uncovering the truth!

Uncover the Truth

Uncover the Truth