Thinking about quitting vaping?

Vaping nicotine or flavors creates toxic chemicals. When you breathe the chemicals in, they damage your lungs, brain, and body. The side effects of vaping can impact your physical and mental health, sports, and school.

Get the facts and take control of your health. Don’t get side effected.

Vaping Facts


Nicotine is addictive and harmful

The human brain keeps developing until around the age of 25. Using nicotine before the age of 25 can harm memory, attention, and learning. Since your brain is still developing, you can get addicted quicker than adults. Using nicotine can also rewire your brain to become more easily addicted to other drugs.

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The truth about flavors

Tobacco companies use flavors to attract teens. Flavored vapes and refill liquids contain diacetyl, a chemical flavor known to be linked to severe lung disease. Teens who start vaping with flavors are more likely to have a lifetime nicotine addiction.

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It’s not harmless

“Vapor” is an aerosol that comes out of a vape. It is not a harmless water vapor. The vape aerosol that people breathe in has nicotine and other toxic chemicals that can cause sickness.

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It’s not just juice

Flavored vape liquid contains nasty and unknown stuff. Almost all vapes have nicotine, even if they claim to be nicotine-free. Nicotine is used to get you hooked. Toxic chemicals have been found in vape liquids such as formaldehyde and an ingredient used in antifreeze.

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It harms people around you

Secondhand vape aerosol contains harmful, toxic, and cancer-causing chemicals that can be breathed in. The chemicals go into the body through the skin and harm those around you. Thirdhand smoke is the smoke that stays in carpets, walls, furniture, clothing, hair, and toys. Breathing vape aerosol is harmful to you and your body.

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